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Monday, September 15, 2014

Memory Monday # 72

     I missed writing my Memory Monday last week because I wrote my blog for the Around the World Blog Hop...so here goes for this week...Freshman year of college!

     After WWII, 1945, many military men were coming back to go to college on the GI bill so colleges had to build temporary dorms to house the influx.  Mizzou was no exception...but some of those "temporary dorms" lasted longer that anticipated.  So in 1958, as I entered college, Mizzou was in the middle of dorm growth.  There were three "hi rise" dorms being built...top of the line, but unfortunately not completed by the time the semester was to begin! So those of us who were to be assigned to the new dorms were assigned to the temporary, barrack-like dorms! This picture is not the dorms we had but they are very similar...wood frame, one story...ours were a little longer and there were only two sets of them side by side.

Temporary dorms
   Actually it was pretty cool...because they were to be torn down once the new dorms were finished, we could do about anything we wanted to them...paint the walls, hang anything on the walls, etc.

I am painting our names on our door! That is my desk by the door.
Sherri painted her walls and ceiling
We had bunk beds!  Pretty cool, huh?
Radiators for heat...and we each had a dresser and shared a closet.
     Another pretty neat thing was our cafeteria was the same cafeteria where the ROTC guys ate!  Of course we did have to walk to it in all kinds of weather, but that meant about 60 Freshmen girls eating with every guy on campus in ROTC!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

     A few weeks ago, my friend Heather tagged me to write a blog for the "Around the World Blog Hop".  I was supposed to post today...and here it is 11:PM and I am just now getting it done!  The idea is to tag two or three other other bloggers and answer four questions in this blog.  So hear goes!  I just tagged one person, Kate North; Kate lives in England and we have shared blogs for several years as well as a  couple of internet exchanges.  She writes a delightful blog....full of all kinds of ideas! So be sure to check out her blog...she will be writing for the Hop in a couple of weeks!

       What am I currently working on?
Quilt for my granddaughter
My granddaughter is going to a different college this year and needed a new quilt with the school colors!  A fun project!
Modern Quilt Guild-Attempt #1
A few months ago, I joined the Modern Quilt Guild International, then the local chapter here in Fort Worth.  One of the challenges was to make a modern quilt using a selection of Michael Miller fabric. Above is my first attempt...I really didn't like it so I tore it all apart and redid it.  Below is my final version, which I am entering in to my local quilt guild show.

Modern Quilt Guild-Second and final attempt..."Round Peg in a Square Hole!
     And I am also entering my guild's challenge for this show which is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Each year we have a members' only challenge...this year in keeping with the show theme...Holidaze...we were to depict a holiday.  My holiday is "Celebrate the Flower"; it is a holiday that some Unitarian Universalists Churches celebrate in the spring, renewal of the earth, and to show diversity in Nature.

My background which is also part of an other challenge done in my Creative Art group, studioQ.

The beginning of my wool applique; my stylized branches...I have admired wool applique for a long time and thought it would be  a fun thing to try on this challenge.
Then I added the wool circles to represent flowers ....
Then added black buttons for the centers...final product!
"Celebrating the Flower"
I am also entering two other quilts in the Art Quilt Category. So I have been busy with bindings, embellishments, and labels!
"Blue Fin Tuna"
"Afternoon Delight"
Both of these were also for my art groups' "Color Chip Challenge" (see previous blog).

 How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I am not sure how to answer that....I really don't have an identifiable style that I know of...I just like to try different things...I want to do it all..so that's why my projects are so varied in finished product!

 Why do I create what I do?

As I said in the above paragraph, I want to try new things..any technique I see, I want to know how it is done and try it out.  Of course, sometimes that spreads me a little thin...the old adage.."Jack of all trades, Master of none"..could fit me very aptly!  Maybe when I grow up, I will settle on a specific style/technique!

What is my creative process?

There again, I have no one way that I create.  Sometimes I sketch out an idea; sometimes I see an example of what I want to do, then change it to put my own stamp on it; and then sometimes I just jump in and start putting fabric together! And of course, I couldn't work with out my design wall and my digital camera...I can rearrange  shapes/blocks...and take a picture each time then step away and think about it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Memory Monday # 71

      It is 9:30 PM on Monday...and I forgot to write my memory for the week!!  So here goes!
      I last  wrote about the summer after high school graduation/before college!  Getting ready for college; last time with friends (for awhile); having to say "good bye" to the current boyfriend....on the eve of departing for school, I spent the night bawling my eyes out...my mom and my cousin (one of the three closer to my mom in age) packed my last minute stuff and packed the car! I had previously stated that my mom felt very strongly that I experienced the total college scene so that meant sorority rush.  Back in  the '50's at Mizzou, sorority rush was the week before school started.  So the "young ladies" experiencing this event would show up earlier than the other students.
    Ah, Rush Week!  So many of the girls going through rush were in high anticipation of being selected by the sorority of their choice...to the point of being hyper anxious!  Ignorance can be bliss...I had no expectations as I had no idea what any of them were about...I did not know there were some sororities that were considered to be of higher esteem than others.  All I knew was my gut feelings...the first day, we were ushered around to all the sororities for a brief introduction.  And from that I did get a sense of a couple whom I thought were not for me...a couple (which I later found out were "the top") seemed way too artificial and snobbish to me!  So that evening, when we got invitations to the second day, we had to make decisions based on that one introduction on which to accept.  Little did I know that I had declined invitations to those two premium houses!
     Day Two: We are once again herded to the houses that we have been invited back and accepted invitations from.  At this point, we are getting to be in groups with girls who we will roam with more frequently. And of course, we are all in great discussion about the sororities from whom we have been invited. That evening we once again get invitations to those who want us to come back for day three. Now it begins to get a bit cruel...there are the girls who are cut from the sorority of their hearts' desire and girls who do not get as many invites back as others. But again, I as well as many, have to make some decisions.
    Day Three: Only five parties to attend...at the end of this day, I think we are down to three for day four....again that evening same routine..some broken hearts...some decisions to make.
     Day Four: A big day! More lengthy parties!  The active members are really knocking themselves out to try to appeal to the girls they really want!  How to choose??  Well, I am very influenced by those who seem to be having genuine fun; I am impressed by the interior design of the houses; and I meet a Senior who is also from Illinois...a very fun redhead!
     Day five: We receive bids (invitations from the sororities who would like us to pledge with them...again some have decisions to make and some girls only get one bid so...no decisions! We send our one acceptance back...and that afternoon, we are picked up by the sorority of our/their choice!
The Zeta Tau Alpha Crest

     And my choice was Zeta Tau Alpha!
They impressed me as a fun bunch; very down to earth; not pretentious...at least the majority; and I 
liked their colors!  Turquoise and white...the living room where we were rushed was a lovely white with turquoise accessories...and there was that red head who became my pledge mom!
     And one more word on Zetas....today, my granddaughter just completed her last day of Rush...and she received and accepted an invitation from the Zetas on her campus!!! A continuation of the experience!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

studioQ August meeting

 I've been very negligent in posting about my favorite group of fiber artists! We have been meeting once a month for over eight years now! We have so much fun together and learn so much from each other! We are about to wrap up our last challenge ...our color chip challenge. I am going to post both #8 and #9 as I am pretty sure I did not post about our July meeting!
We have done 9...one more to go!
Wendy's choice...#8-Top row-my fabrics/bottom row-Wendy's paint chips.Wendy had chosen her colors from a painting by Arthur Dove which I could not find to post!

Beth-#8 (done in paper)
My #8 
Wendy #8
Heather #8 
Rhonda #8 
#8-All together!
Kay's #8 (she missed the July Meeting)
Then for our August meeting Heather had presented us with paint chips inspired by the following picture.
Heather's inspiration for Challenge #9

Bottom row-Heather's paint chips/Top row-my fabric choices
And here are the blocks created by those who participated for our August meeting.

Rhonda's #9 
Kay's #9
Heather's #9

My #9-in progress...I am debating between these two to finish...
My other # 9 in progress...opinions???

Monday, August 25, 2014

Memory Mondays #70

     The end of summer is approaching...I have been working at the swimming pool, dating the love of my life, having fun with my friends....and getting ready for college!  My mom....the mother lion, you know....is determined that I get the best out of it that I can!  And I don't just mean education-wise!  My mom never had the opportunity to go to college.  Both of her best friends were from more affluent families than she was and did attend college so she was exposed to the various aspects vicariously.
     My mom had it in her head that to succeed in college, one needed to be in a sorority! Now, I will have to say, until that summer, I had no idea what a sorority was!  In fact, I did not know the difference between a fraternity and a sorority!!  But my mom gathered all the information about Rush at the University of Missouri...better known as Mizzou from this post on.

     Rush back in the '50's was held the week before school began.  Probably not a whole week, but certainly several days.  So all the girls who were attending Rush were there early.  My  assigned roommate was not going through Rush so she didn't come until the following week. (Much more to come of Mary Jane, my roommate and continued friend for over 50 years!)
      So a few days before leaving for college, my mom and a cousin of mine who was closer in my mom in age and who lived with us some of the time, were busy getting all my clothes and stuff together.  My mom had read all the suggestions of how to send off a child to college and one of the things she really took to heart was labeling all my belongings.  My name was stitched into EVERY article of clothing I possessed!!! We are talking every blouse, skirt, dress, bra, panties....my name was even written on the soles of my nylon hose in pen!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Memory Monday # 69

     Graduation!  May, 1958....we are the third class to graduate from the "new" high school, Pittsfield High School....now called Pike County High School or something like that.  At that time, when the school was built, one of the small towns near us in the same county had to close their high school and become a part of the one in Pittsfield.
      Graduation took place in the high school gymnasium...chairs were placed on the floor for the graduates and the audience sat on chairs to the side of the graduates and in the bleachers.  There were exactly 100 hundred in my class; we marched in in pairs to the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance"!
Marching in for graduation

Crossing the stage to receive diploma

Graduation Day/ Dress under gown.
    After graduation, I continued with the tradition my sister had set and hosted the class to a party at my parents' house.  Of course, not everyone came...and many did who were not in our class!  And all my parents' friends who had kids graduating with me helped with the food.  And the guy I was dating at the time had a "garage band"...in the style of Elvis Presley...so they played at the party!  I am sure my parents had to make a lot of good deeds to our neighbors!  But most were very understanding as this was not an every day occasion!
      The last summer before going to college!  I was in love, of course, and although I wanted to go to college, I didn't want to leave the nest!  But it was a magical summer...that feeling of being on the threshold of something big!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Memory Monday # 68

       Senior Year!  Best year ever!  The fun of being a Senior...the excitement of the future...the apprehension of leaving home!  Neither of my parents had attended college...growing up in the Depression and having to work early in their adulthood did not make it possible.  We, my sister and I, were always brought up to the thinking of "Not IF you were going to college, but WHERE you were going to go".  So this was the year of SAT tests (or the equivelant) and checking out college campuses.
      My sister, graduating two years before me, had the  disadvantage/advantage of having gone through the process before me.  She was always the better student; I was the   "good enough to get by" student!  It was always a shock to our teachers (being from a small town, we had the same teachers all the time!) when I followed in Judy's footsteps and was so different...in all ways! She was painfully shy; I was a talker...she was concentious; I was a goof off! But I did manage to do well enough to get accepted in a few colleges!
      At the time in the 1950's only about 10% of a graduating class would attend college. Of my close friends (a gang of eight girls) only three of us were going to  go on to "higher education". Both of the other two were going to go "out of state"...that was a status symbol at that time...to not go to a "State" School!  My best buddy, Barbee was going to a small private school in Florida; and Peggy was going to the University of Arizona...so I too wanted to go out of state, but I didn't want to go too far from home!  Out of state tuitition was not nearly as expensive then as it is now.
    My home town in Illinois was near the Mississippi River on the West and the Illinois River on the East...rich farm land!  And across the Mississippi River, only 20 miles away, was the state of Missouri....and only 150 miles away into Missouri was Columbia, home of the University of Missouri...Mizzou!! So after visiting the beautiful campus, there was where I was to spend three of the four following years...with some fabulous memories I can bore you with for many weeks to come!
Seal of the University of Missouri